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English Teaching in English from Day 1 and forever

The common aims for teaching in Denmark prescribe that all English teaching must be in English - all teaching, including classroom management, grammar, asides...

Yet is it possible in a monolingual language class? Or a multilingual class, where Danish is the common language?

And how do we, as teachers, achieve that aim?

Let me give you the confidence to do it, let me show you how it can be done…

You will think to youselves, it’s easy for you, your mother tongue is English.

However I have used precisely the same method when teaching French in Denmark, not my native language – yet it works... and so much better than falling back on Danish at the first hurdle.

I have experience of both multilingual and monolingual classes, and am trained as a language teacher (Cambridge University CELTA) using methods that “prohibit” the use of any other language than the one being taught.

So come and open a new world of English teaching....


Teaching English House



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