The English House

How to develop "The English Zone"?

A corner of the library, a zone in a corridor, or even better a room - dedicated to the English Language and the Culture of English-speaking countries.

How to approach it? What works? What doesn't?

How much effort does it take? Do I have time to do it?

I have experience of an “English Corner” in the library of a state school, an "English Zone" in a corridor of a state school, a classroom dedicated to the English Language, and of course, The English House.

Let me share my experience of the practical aspects with you.

And let's share all your wonderful ideas...

8.30-12.30 (with 30 minute break)

English Teaching Zone House



Dato og pris

3½ time
Yderligere priser:
Free for teachers in Hjørring Kommunes folkeskoler. All others 3.500 kr.
Max deltagere:
10 deltagere

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