Vision and Mission

Danish Skoletjenesten undervisningstilbud Dansk



Skoletjenesten is building a unique sector for teaching in external learning environments, a sector in which cultural institutions, local authorities and educational institutions all share responsibility for turning culture, nature and art into basic elements in children and young people's learning and personal development.


Skoletjenesten serves as a knowledge centre for external learning environments, which constitute an active resource for local authorities and cultural institutions and an invaluable partner to other national stakeholders.

  • We develop teaching in these environments in ways that provide children and young people in preschool, elementary school and youth education with unique opportunities for learning and personal development.
  • We collate, systematise and document knowledge and experiences from these external providers and share it with other interested stakeholders.
  • We set up and support networks to share knowledge among external learning environments.

We work closely together with others to promote continued innovation of pedagogical methods, ways of working and organisational models for external learning environments.

  • Our work on pedagogic development consists of practice-based and application-oriented knowledge production that involves end users and experts.
  • Our knowledge sharing is characterised by its openness and generosity and we aim to improve the quality of pedagogic practice in the sector as a whole.